Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Party For The Broadroom

Last week, I headed over to Barney’s on Madison Avenue for More magazine’s premiere party for Candace Bushnell’s new webisode series, "The Broadroom."

Meredith Corporation and Maybelline, co-producers of the series, took over Fred’s restaurant for the swanky soiree, which boasted a crowd of well-coiffed fashionistas and scrumptious hors d’oeuvres (my favorite: the truffled risotto balls).

The Broadroom ladies: (from left) Lauren Devereux, Jennifer Esposito, Jennie Garth, author Candace Bushnell, Mary McCann and Talia Balsam

“The Broadroom” follows five businesswomen who meet in a conference room and end up sharing their gripes about, among other things, husbands, wardrobes, careers and juggling it all.

“Caramel kiss -- when did they start naming lipsticks after food?” asks Roan (Jennifer Esposito)
“When food became more interesting than sex,” quips Natasha (Jennie Garth).

Jennie Garth raved about Bushnell and her co-stars

Garth, looking fabulous in a black bubble dress, told me she jumped at the project because of Bushnell’s smart writing and clicked immediately with her castmates as soon as the cameras start rolling.

Jennifer Esposito rocked a form-fitting silver mini dress

During the party, I ran into journalism school classmate and news editor Iris and her colleague Erica.

Catching up: Iris and I were classmates at Columbia University’s J-school

We traded war stories about one of the most treacherous types in the dating world – the married man who masquerades as a bachelor. Erica mentioned a friend who didn’t discover until she became engaged after a year with her beau that he was already married to someone else. Yikes.

Speaking of marital escapades, you can watch episode one of “The Broadroom" (“Husband Hijinks”) here. Episode two airs online September 25th.

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Catherin said...

Was this a real show or just a promo for cosmetics? I was so hoping the webisodes would be ongoing.