Monday, September 14, 2009

An Evening With Two Chick Lit Authors

Last Tuesday, I headed over to the 92nd Street Y to listen to prolific chick lit authors Jennifer Weiner and Candace Bushnell.

Chick Lit Queens: Weiner and Bushnell charmed the sold out crowd

Longtime friends, the two ladies talked candidly about their life experiences and their passion for writing.

With self-deprecating wit, Weiner told the crowd that anything is material as a writer – from teaching her 21-month-old daughter to say boobies to her mother coming out as a lesbian at age 54. All of us in the audience laughed as Weiner recounted the awkwardness of sharing her debut novel’s title, Good In Bed, with her mother.

A newspaper reporter for 10 years, Weiner always wanted to be a writer. Bushnell had five completed novels in her drawer when she started writing her legendary “Sex and The City” columns at age 34. Her favorite subjects—

“Focusing on what makes me uncomfortable and on people’s choices. I’m fascinating by the choices people make and what they do to get ahead.”

With a draft of her latest work – Carrie Bradshaw’s high school diaries – due next week, Bushnell also shared her observations about life as a teenager.

Candace and me: The author signed copies of One Fifth Avenue after the lecture

“When you’re young, you look for tools to help you understand the world,” she said.

“You go through it skinless,” Weiner added. “Everything hurts more. That time is so fraught and intense.”

My favorite quote of the night – Weiner describing friendship as an opt-in sisterhood. DNA-induced ties notwithstanding, it's usually the best kind of sisterhood to be a part of.

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