Thursday, September 24, 2009

Celebrating National Singles Week

While reading’s fabulous Single-ish blog, I learned that this is National Singles Week. It may not be a well known occasion (truthfully, I never even knew it existed), but I think it’s definitely one worth celebrating. Especially because there’s plenty to celebrate about being minus a plus one, as I’ve rediscovered over the last couple of days.

The other night, I headed out to happy hour on my own. It had been several months since I’d flexed my flirting muscles in this way, so I was both exhilarated and a little nervous.

Butterfield 8: A great place for happy hour fun and flirting

Thankfully, I picked a great spot -- lively midtown hotspot Butterfield 8 – with a good crowd. Within a matter of minutes, I found myself talking to charming gadget salesman Milton about everything from the search for happiness to what exactly constitutes good sex.

My conversation with Milton reminded me that, when you’re single, adventure is always right around the corner if you know where to look. Last night, my newly-single trainer was beaming about the possibilities that lay ahead for her now that she’s exited an unhappy relationship.

Of course, one of the best things about singlehood is the tradition of girls night out. Tonight, I will be enjoying a big night out with three of my best galpals – and U2 at Giants Stadium.

How are you celebrating National Singles Week? Whatever you do, make it fun and fabulous. After all, that’s what being single is all about.

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