Sunday, September 20, 2009

Central Park Date

There’s a classic moment on “Sex and the City” when Carrie and Big fall into the lake in NYC’s Central Park. Thankfully, I managed to avoid a similar fate here last weekend during my first date with Ali.

The Lake in Central Park: Carrie and Big got waterlogged at this romantic spot

The afternoon got off to a bumpy start when Ali turned up 45 minutes late -- without being too apologetic. Tardiness is one of my major pet peeves, but I opted to get past it given Ali’s two-hour trek in from New Jersey.

Following a quick snack, we rented a boat for a few hours. Along with learning that rowing isn’t as easy as it looks, I found out quite a bit about Ali.

A former resident of Canada and Colorado, Ali is into outdoor activities (skiing, tennis, water sports) and photography (he shoots weddings). We discovered a mutual affinity for working out. Ali said he struggles to gain weight. I admitted I would love to have that problem.

After our leisurely boat ride, we strolled around the park before parting company.

“You’re nice and I like spending time with you,” Ali said.

Even better, Ali said he won’t be late next time. We’re going out again next Sunday.

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