Wednesday, November 11, 2009

An Attempt To Flirt At The Gym

When you’re a single New Yorker who belongs to a gym, you can’t help noticing that it’s one of the few places where Gotham’s lopsided male-female ratio actually evens out. And you also can’t help wondering, is there any truth to the notion that romance can blossom on the treadmill?

In my experience, the answer is usually no. As I first discovered years ago while working out outside beside hunky actor Chris Noth (a.k.a Mr. Big), men go into another zone when they’re grunting and groaning. And it’s hard to feel flirtatious when you’re surrounded by spandex-clad supermodel types. Except, of course, if you repeatedly encounter the same cute guy working up a sweat.

Over the last two months, this mystery man and I have made eye contact many times. It’s often said that if a guy looks at you twice, it means he’s interested. Given that mystery man’s intense stares are generally unaccompanied by a smile, though, I’m left to question whether he’s flirting or simply suffering from pheromone overload.

Earlier this week, while exercising with my trainer Crystal, I shared my little conundrum. Mr. Mysterious happened to be on the floor, so Crystal decided to play Cupid and steer me toward a machine right in front of him.

“He’s totally checking you out,” she said with a smile.

After catching his breath for a few minutes, mystery man stood up and walked over to where we were standing.

“Are you using this machine?” he asked quietly.

He speaks! I thought to myself. Crystal and I gave him first dibs on the machine, and I did my best not to stare at him through a set of pullups.

“That’s more progress than we’ve made in two months,” I whispered.

The big question now – what next? Do I make the first move and say hello?

Crystal says this is the ideal scenario for delivering a clichéd opening gambit with a twist of irony--

“Do you come here often?”

Though I’m not usually one for cheesy pickup lines, I think I might have to make an exception. Watch this space to see what happens – my next session at the gym is tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

by man-woman ratio do you mean there are more women than men in NYC?
About your dilemma specifically, I think you should chat him up. Now, that's easy to say. Much more difficult to do. Unless he's in a particularly flirtatious mood, he may go "huh?" if you ask him if he's there often; sort of like, "Yeah, I am," and not quite realize it's flirting. Or maybe that's me...and maybe that's why I'm still single!

Melissa said...

There are indeed more single women than men in NYC -- by a margin of about 2-1! Thanks for the advice. I think you may be right that he wouldn't get my flirtatious humor, since he hasn't cracked a smile at me yet. So I'm leaning toward skipping the cheesy line and just saying hello. :-)

Rachel said...

What a cliffhanger!!!

Autumn said...

I've definitely met guys at the gym. I think it's a great place to meet, but there's no forced conversation because if there's a lull in dialogue it could be because one or both of you is focused on the exercise of the moment.

I'd break the ice by asking him to help you with something. Like... changing the weights.