Friday, November 6, 2009

Live The Life You Love 3: Part Two

Tuesday’s Live The Life You Love panel hosted by SingleEdition continued with a spirited conversation about work and dating.

SingleEdition founder Sherri Langburt led the lively Q&A

Human Resources Consultant Alyson D’Anna talked about the importance of self-promotion when it comes to managing your career.

“It’s the key to creating visibility,” she said.

Career expert Alyson D’Anna

Alyson outlined a three-step approach to personal PR – self inventory, career situational analysis and using information from both to advance yourself professionally. She also advised getting a mentor and perfecting your elevator pitch.

Twenty first Century Guide To Bachelorhood author Brad Berkowitz offered some straight talk about where to meet men and how to shake up your social life.

Author and dating expert Brad Berkowitz

“Expand your horizons by going to new restaurants, clubs and bars,” he said. “Never eat alone [at home], because you’re not meeting anyone but the Domino’s delivery guy.”

When it comes to online dating, Brad suggests having a male friend review your profile before you post it. Speaking of the Internet, he recommended Facebook as a great way to connect with single friends of friends.

Brad also said the gym is a great venue for meeting men – though in my experience, you’ll encounter more endorphin-induced scowls there than come hither smiles.

Offline, Brad and I chatted about how to look approachable when you’re out and about, especially in the bar scene. Guys won’t approach a closed circle, so open it up.

I liked Brad’s take on dating and really putting yourself out there. Stay tuned for an in-depth Q&A with him.

Coming up…an exhilarating first date with one of the HurryDate guys and a look at my favorite NYC spots for singles.

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