Sunday, November 22, 2009

Girls Night Out: Whiskey Trader

Tuesday night, after seeing “Superior Donuts,” I headed over to the Whiskey Trader in Midtown for a happy hour hosted by The Lost Girls.

Bartending Goddesses: (from left) Lost Girls authors and bloggers Amanda, Jen and Holly

While enjoying a couple of cosmos mixed perfectly by Jen, my Divalicious friend Heidi and I talked about male profiling -- i.e., making assumptions about men in suits. She presumes they’re dull and conservative, I think a suit usually spells sophistication.

Speaking of assumptions about the opposite sex, I decided to vet my theories on texting versus calling with a couple of friendly guys at the bar.

When I said that texting to make plans is less considerate than making a call, both men balked. They maintained that it’s hard to know when is a good time to call a woman, and one even tried to liken texting and emailing to the lost art of letter writing.

With all due respect, I think these are just excuses for not taking initiative and picking up the phone. As DatingRevolution founder Ross Felix puts it so well in this blog post, guys need to man up here. A quick call goes a long way toward making a girl (this girl, at least) feel courted.

Coming up…a look at Broadway’s sizzling “Burn The Floor” and an action-packed night out in Hell’s Kitchen.


Lisa said...

Tell the Lost Girls we are gearing up for the Kansas City book club tour!!!! Lisa

Schmanders said...

The Lost Girls can't wait to come to Kansas City, Lisa! Single Gal--thank so much for organizing this and for making Happy Hour such a blast! (Men are lying when they say that they think a girl must appreciate texting as much as they do--they have to know we like the call, right??)

Melissa said...

I will be front and center for both the NYC and K.C. stops of The Lost Girls tour! :-)

And yes, men are delusional if they think we prefer texting to a phone call. Not a chance!

hEiDi~NYC said...

I don't necessarily think that all men in suits are stereotypically dull and conservative, but rather shady and not to be trusted (doesn't mean that I'd turn them down for a date either). Heeheehee... Kisses! >;}

Melissa said...

Duly noted, Divalicious! :-)