Thursday, November 5, 2009

Live The Life You Love 3: Part One

Tuesday night, I headed over to Saks Fifth Avenue for the finale of Single Edition’s “Live The Live You Love” series about lifestyle issues from a single woman’s perspective.

Guests enjoyed complimentary make-up applications

Focusing on career, cooking and relationships, the event featured cocktails & hors d’oeuvres, make-up applications, after hours shopping – and a lively expert panel discussion led by founder, the fabulous Sherri Langburt.

Business Startup Advisor Beth Schoenfeldt offered some advice for aspiring entrepreneurs, making the case that singles are well positioned to strike out on their own.

Business Startup Advisor Beth Schoenfeldt

“It takes so much time and energy,” says the three-time entrepreneur. “When you are single, you have more freedom to work as much as you want.”

Beth’s top tips – create a strong support system, be passionate about what you’re doing and start (small) with the end in mind.

“Know what your goal is,” she said. “Whether you want to go public, sell it or just make money for a few years.”

Sherri , a successful entrepreneur herself, chimed in about the value of persistence.

“You can turn a no into a yes,” she said. “Unlike the bedroom, there’s always another entrance.”

Entertaining and Food Expert Karine Bakhoum got the crowd excited about cooking for one. The frequent Food Network “Iron Chef America" judge encouraged singles to make the most of their solo lifestyle.

Entertaining and Food Expert Karine Bakhoum

“Enjoy the moment and the time with yourself,” she said. “Think about what you want to eat and enjoy the process of cooking.”

Karine recommends treating yourself like a guest who is coming to dinner – put on some music and break out the wine.

Get inspired, she says, by shopping at quality markets like Whole Foods and stock up on tasty staples (extra virgin oil, balsamic vinegar and tapenade are Karine’s top 3). And be sure to make your kitchen environment cook friendly.

Up next…advice from Single Edition's experts on navigating your career and jump starting your love life.

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