Friday, August 29, 2008

Girls Night Out: 80's Fun with Rubix Kube

The other night, my good friend Caroline and I headed down to my favorite SoHo nightclub, the Canal Room, for a musical stroll down retro memory lane with 80’s cover band, Rubix Kube (

After sipping a few cosmos (mixed to perfection by bartender Danielle), we parked ourselves in front of the stage. The show began with snippets of classic 80’s films like “Top Gun,” and “E.T.” Then, for the next two hours, Rubix Cube presented a nostalgic set of classics from the era of leg warmers and jelly bracelets.

From “Video Killed The Radio Star” and “Hey Mickey” to “Get Into The Groove” and “Pour Some Sugar on Me,” Rubix Cube took us back in time, delivering an electrifying mix of 80’s hits performed with great energy and perfect pitch. The band wasn’t exaggerating when they thanked the crowd for being great back-up singers -- we sang along to every word.

By the time Rubix Cube performed their encore -- a rousing rendition of “Livin’ On A Prayer” -- Caroline and I had given new meaning to that 80’s catchphrase let’s get physical by working up a major sweat from dancing.

Cosmos, a dear friend, and a great cover band -- the ideal ingredients for a perfect night out!


richforman said...

Hi Melissa, it's Rich the keyboard player from Rubix Kube, thanks a million for talking about us in your blog! (I found it doing a google search to see if our next gig there was getting some listings and it is!)
Hope you and your friends can stop by and see the band again at the Canal Room tomorrow night, 9/20, it's our first Saturday night headlining there and we would love to see you guys out there, if you can make it, make sure to say hi to me!

richforman said...

Oh yeah p.s. ladies get in free from 10 to 12, we start our show at around 11. Anyway hope to see you and Caroline and all your other friends at some of our upcoming gigs!

Melissa said...

Hey Rich--just saw your comments! Happy to know Rubix Cube is revisiting the Canal Room once again on 10/25. I plan to be there and will be definitely say hello!

PS--you guys rock. :-)