Sunday, August 10, 2008

By The Numbers: Take Seven

When I think about the memorable times I’ve had with significant others over the years, many of the ones which come to mind involved the transporting experiences of travel and pampering. From one of New York’s most romantic locales to the decadence of Sin City, I've gone on quite a journey with most of my boyfriends. Without any further ado, I bring you this latest installment of By The Numbers…

Number of carriage rides through Central Park shared with significant others: 2
Number of men with whom I’ve gone to Las Vegas: 2
Number of boyfriends who spent more time gambling in Vegas than they did with me: 1
Number of men with whom I’ve enjoyed a couples spa treatment: 2

One of the above-referenced spa treatments took place at Elemis Spa in Connecticut’s Mohegan Sun. Elemis is a luxuriously relaxing escape from Mohegan Sun’s sprawling, seasonally-themed casino complex, and also boasts sister locations in Florida and London.

Speaking of spa destinations, one of my new favorites online is Edited by industry expert Brenda Lopez, offers the latest spa news as well as tips on organic living, health, wellness, beauty, diet and fitness. It’s the perfect virtual oasis for finding out how to relax and unwind -- something it’s always good to know more about.

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