Monday, August 4, 2008

Macaroni Delight at Madison & Vine

Tonight, I enjoyed an after-work dinner with my Quinn & Company colleague, good friend and chief blogging supporter Carla. Our meal coincided with two milestones -- Carla’s tenth anniversary at Quinn & Co., and the one-month mark of Single Gal In The City.

Carla suggested Madison & Vine for our evening repast. Located a quick stroll from Grand Central Station in the boutique chic Library Hotel, the cozy, laidback bistro delivered a palette-pleasing meal that included wild striped bass drizzled with chorizo dressing and the “vine” burger, smothered with Gruyere cheese, red onions and mayo.

Our taste buds were most dazzled by Madison & Vine’s macaroni au gratin, topped with Gruyere, bacon, truffles and toasted bread crumbs. Not so dazzling was the uneven service -- being asked half a dozen times if we were done with our entrĂ©e only to then wait several minutes for our dessert order to be taken.

With cocktails in hand (Sauvignon Blanc for me, mojito for Carla), we talked about the expanding social media universe and its many tiers -- from all-access Facebook to by-invitation-only site A Small World. We also reflected on nostalgia for first loves, the kind that lingers once you know the romance is rightfully over and yet you can still appreciate, as friends, the rich history you share.

A scrumptious Smores sundae with meringue ice cream and graham cracker shavings put the perfect exclamation point on our girls’ night out. With a quick hug in front of Grand Central, Carla and I parted company and I found myself feeling grateful all over again for the serendipity that led me to Quinn & Co. and such a great friend.

Happy anniversary, Carla!

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