Wednesday, August 27, 2008

SATC Movie Memories

Last year, I had the good fortune of being on the “Sex and the City” movie set a handful of times. Like many other SATC fans, my go-to guide for finding out about filming was a fantastic website called On Location Vacations (OLV),

Thanks to OLV’s tireless efforts and daily updates, I witnessed several key scenes being shot—from Louise meeting Carrie for the first time at a Starbuck’s in the East Village, to Carrie running up the front steps of the main branch of New York’s Public Library. Tidbit: Sarah Jessica Parker was a trooper while filming the latter. Not only did she trip (occupational hazard of high heels, no doubt), but she had to wear a little vest and shorts in bitter cold conditions and smile like it was a spring day. Talk about acting.

I had a nice moment with Chris Noth after the Starbuck’s shoot wrapped. He’s so adorable in person that I couldn’t resist saying so. He smiled and made small talk with the gaggle of us girls surrounding him, rightfully assuming that our hearts belonged more to Mr. Big than Detective Mike Logan on “Law and Order.”

Yes, he's just as handsome in person! Chris Noth (Mr. Big) on the set of SATC, September 2007

Carrie and Big’s non-wedding was quite a production near Bryant Park and afforded the best opportunity for star gazing. I spotted most of the cast there….

Cynthia Nixon (Miranda) and SJP (Carrie) emerging from the New York Public Library, October 2007

On Their Way to the Wedding That Wasn't: Willie Garson (Stanford) and Evan Handler (Harry)

It was on my fifth and final visit to the SATC set (after the filming of Charlotte’s birth) when I finally got that picture you see on the right of me and SJP. SJP is very petite and very gracious in person. When I thanked her for posing with me, she replied, “Thank you.”

My SATC fun couldn’t have happened without On Location Vacations. The site does a great job of reporting on film and TV shoots across the U.S. There’s no better resource for catching a glimpse of Hollywood in action.


the shark said...

I am a totally city girl at heart, and LOVE satc... I am having so much fun reading your blog!

Melissa said...

Thanks! And I love your profile description. I once dreamed of being Diane Sawyer myself, and worked in TV news for a few years. :-)

Single Indian Girl said...

Thanks so much for posting that website about location shootings - I can't wait to see if there is anything in my area!