Monday, August 11, 2008

Girls Night Out: Tavern On The Green

Every couple of months, a group of us gals who work in travel PR get together for happy hour to talk shop and the single life. Last Thursday, the destination for our after-hours imbibing was Tavern on the Green.

Set within Central Park on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, the legendary tourist hotspot served up an interesting hodgepodge of people, hosting three private parties while we were there.

The girls and I were most inclined to crash Merrill Lynch’s soiree -- until we noticed that most of the youthful attendees appeared to be fresh out of business school. In fact, it seemed like we were the only ones representing the thirty-something demographic. The rest of the crowd assembled in Tavern on the Green’s courtyard consisted of people in their 20’s and people in their 40’s and 50’s trying to look like they were in their 20’s.

Despite the unusual mix, we were reminded of what a small world New York can be. Two of the girls spotted former boyfriends of high-school friends. As it turns out, one of these men--nattily dressed in a suit and pink tie -- has quite the background. Not only did he stalk my friend’s friend back in the day and end up in jail, but he also moonlighted from his blue-blooded background as a drug dealer. His parents must be so proud.

Later in the evening, another of the girls ran into a former fling and neighbor through whom she managed to score a substantial gym discount. I laughed as she told the story, telling her of the iPod that has outlasted the ex who gave it to me four years ago.

Also among the topics of conversation -- unexpected advances from longtime and otherwise attached male friends. My good buddy CK received quite a shock when her roommate of more than a year, on the eve of his departure, gave her a goodbye kiss that was anything but platonic. This was doubly shocking given that he was leaving the U.S. to be with his longtime girlfriend.

CK’s tale paved the way for me to mention a married boss of mine who planted one on me after my last day on the job. He kissed me with such ardor, I thought he was going to pull entire chunks of hair out of my head.

We took a brief break from the girl talk to please our palettes, washing down $8 cheeseburgers with $16 cocktails. We couldn’t decide what was more outrageous -- the prices or the life-sized tree sculptures of various animals lunging toward us. Only in New York.

Coming up…mixed reviews for a splashy new Atlantic City resort and the value of keeping your eyes open.

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