Thursday, July 17, 2008

By The Numbers – Take Four

Over the years, I’ve shared more than a few laughs with girlfriends about my tendency to keep score in relationships. It's fair to say I’m a veteran of this habit, and I have the hash marks (tracking communications from boyfriends) in several diaries to prove it.

I recall one memorable exchange a few years ago with my then-boyfriend Shawn in which I grossly overreacted to something he said on the subject of money.

“Who are you having a conversation with?” he asked, “Because it most certainly isn’t me.”

Shawn was absolutely right. My irrational response was because money had been a thorny issue with the man I had dated before him. Shawn had every reason to call me on trying to blame him for someone else’s behavior.

When it comes to past relationships, the downside of having total recall is holding onto previous grudges. The upside? Taking a stroll down memory lane strictly for the purpose of, as my favorite soap opera character once put it, nostalgiamatizing.

And so, with only the best of intentions in mind, I bring you By The Numbers-Take Four…

Number of old flames who are now Facebook ‘friends’: 4
Number of exes who declared unrequited love for me after marrying someone else: 2
Number of restaurants with panoramic views visited with boyfriends: 5
Number of times PDA with a boyfriend garnered applause from bystanders: 1
Number of years leading up to consummation of my long-distance love: 12

Stay tuned for much more about that long-distance love, and the suitors who followed him, when I finally start opening the vault of my journals next week!

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