Thursday, July 24, 2008

C Squared Socializing

Here in New York, there’s no shortage of organizations and events geared toward singles. Finding out which ones truly deliver, though, can be a lengthy (and often expensive) process of trial and error.

I found this out the hard way when I moved back to the Big Apple permanently five years ago. Having spent most of my twenties in small town limbo, I was anxious to mingle with other big city singletons and quickly signed up for an interview with a group called Social Circles.

Over the course of an hour, the chatty representative persuaded me to fork over the money for membership—making it a point to tell me that the already-pricey fee would increase considerably if I didn’t join on the spot.

After attending a handful of Social Circles functions, it became clear that I had been hoodwinked. Not only was the male-female ratio at each event painfully lopsided, the few males who were in attendance were—how can I put this diplomatically?--clearly single for a reason.

My lesson from this costly mistake? Avoid “singles” events and attend parties and other activities of a charitable, cultural or professional nature. It’s a strategy that has paid tremendous dividends for me in terms of meeting smart, interesting people—many of whom just happen to be single.

I encountered plenty of engaging New Yorkers at the recent kickoff of Just A Cocktail. Hosted by the C Squared Group (, which sponsors upscale business networking events for a variety of industries, Just A Cocktail offered an educated, friendly and perfectly co-ed crowd, limited open bar, and an inviting venue (midtown French Moroccan restaurant and lounge Azza)--all for only $20.

This week, my friend Tiffany and I attended another great C Squared event, Cocktails & Charity, connecting people who want to volunteer with organizations who need their participation. Though the crowd was smaller, it was as sociable as the one at Just A Cocktail. I’m looking forward to attending more C Squared soirees, and to continuing my quest to experience the best of what the Big Apple has to offer intrepid singles like me.

Up long-awaited visit to Buddakan with one of my favorite people on Planet Earth and unexpected encounters with old flames.

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