Thursday, July 10, 2008

Finally Facebook; By The Numbers - Take Three

My technology walls continue to come tumbling down. Today, after some prodding from my good friend Cindy, I caved in and joined Facebook. Having joined MySpace last year--strictly to quiet the many friends of mine who wanted me to see their profiles -- I resisted signing up with Facebook as well.

Why the reticence? For the same reason that Cindy's friend expressed over dinner at Fresco the other night -- being a little too close for comfort when it comes to old flames.

My affable colleague Li, whose megawatt smile always lights up a room, put it best today.

"I hate that all of my exes are only two clicks away," he lamented. "It's bad enough that [one of them] lives in Brooklyn."

As we compared notes on the thriving social media landscape, Li was kind enough to say that he enjoyed my recent By The Numbers posts. Several SGITC readers have expressed a similar appreciation for my fun statistics, so here are a few more:

Number of relationships started during a taping of NYPD Blue: 1
Number of serious relationships generated by, HurryDate, etc: 2
Number of relationships with multiple breakups: 3
Number of breakups that took place in Central Park: 2
Number of men who disrobed (uninvited) on a first date without achieving their intended goal: 2

Stay tuned for more about my life, By The Numbers. Up next...a journey to Brooklyn and a concert by a "Dancing with The Stars" semi-finalist.

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