Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New York Post Encore

Last year, I was selected by the editors of the New York Post as one of NYC's 50 most eligible Latinos. This Sunday, I'll be making my second appearance in the famed tabloid newspaper--as the woman chosen by a local bachelor to go on a date.

Our upcoming date will be featured in the Post's weekly "Meet Market" column. The column is basically the modern-day equivalent of "The Love Connection," with NYP editors replacing Chuck Woolery as host and facilitator. After you submit a detailed profile and pose for some professional pix, matchmakers at the Post decide who might be a good fit with whom and one of two scenarios takes place--a guy chooses from three girls or vice versa. Finally, the propective couple goes out on a date at a restaurant TBD, and the Post picks up the tab. Having tried Match.com, eHarmony and Hurry Date, how could I resist this user-friendly approach to romance?

Meet Market is always looking for willing victims...ahem, I mean, singletons. If you're interested in playing the Post's version of The Dating Game, email meetmarket@nypost.com.

My date with Mark--a 38-year-old musician/writer--is scheduled for Sunday. Be sure to pick up the Post and watch this space to find out how it goes!


ivlere said...

I found you! I will most certainly look forward to hearing how your date goes via this very blog (those outside NY don't get the fab NYP).

Rock on!


Kim said...

I can't wait to read about the date!!! Make sure you include pics of you and the stud out and about in NYC!