Monday, July 21, 2008

NY Post Part Three, Date With A Mystery Man

My third appearance in the New York Post proved to be a sweet one, with yesterday's he said/she said recap of my date with Mark. Both of us gushed about our delicious meal at Steak Frites and mentioned that we share a mutual fondness for dessert (see for more). Though sparks didn't fly, I'm looking forward to us becoming, as the Post put it, pastry-lovin' pals.

While Mark and I were able to get to know each other over dinner, that opportunity never came for my cousin C.S. and her mystery man Forrest.

C.S. and Forrest connected at a bar in Alexandria, Virginia. Forrest told her he worked in the Army. When he found himself heading to New York on business, he invited C.S. to meet him in the city.

After trekking in from Long Island, she received a call from Forrest. He was tied up at work, would she mind meeting him at The Plaza, where he was staying? C.S. obliged. After waiting in the lobby for awhile, she received another call from Forrest, asking if she would meet him in his room.

She was about to knock on the door when Forrest emerged from a different room -- carrying two armored briefcases. With an alarmed look on his face, he told C.S. in a whisper that he was in the middle of something, handed her his room key and disappeared. Upon entering his room, she found another surprise--wires everywhere, maps, a list of doctors, and a document titled, "Site Status Report for Vice Presidential Visit to NYC." Forrest wasn't in the Army -- he was with the secret service.

Uncomfortable with her findings, C.S. headed down to the legendary Oak Bar. One $25 cocktail later, Forrest still hadn't materialized. Tired of waiting, she called Forrest, told him she was leaving and walked down Fifth Avenue to the Gap. A little retail therapy goes a long way.

Like I've said, even a disappointing date leaves you with something--whether it's an impulse purchase or, if you're lucky, a nice guy to share a platonic dessert with.

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