Thursday, July 3, 2008

My Diaries: By The Numbers

As mentioned in yesterday's post, Single Gal In The City will commingle present-day musings with previously written entries from my handwritten diaries. Here’s a snapshot of what's inside the many, many volumes -- by the numbers.

Number of Handwritten Diaries: 93
Age During First Diary: 7 (1981)
Approximate Number of Jobs: 10
Number of Chance Encounters with Actor Chris Noth (a.k.a Mr. Big): 2
Number of In-Person Encounters with Singer Ricky Martin: 4
Number of Ricky Martin Concerts Attended: 12
Estimated Number of Destinations Visited: 34
Number of Times Lived Abroad: 3
Cumulative Miles I’ve Traveled for Men: 45,656
Cumulative Miles Men Have Traveled For Me: 29,676
Number of Serious Relationships: 7
Number of Long-Distance Relationships: 2
Number of British Boyfriends: 3 (okay--one was only a two-week fling, but I’m counting him anyway).
What’s In A Name: I’ve dated 5 David’s, 3 Jason’s, 2 Eddies, 2 Alan’s and 2 Marks.
Most Flowers Received: 300. Long-stem roses of varying colors--25 dozen for my 25th birthday.

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