Sunday, July 6, 2008

Saturday Night At The Movies

Yesterday was the kind of day that weekends were made for. After lingering in my pajamas for a few hours, I treated myself to a mini-shopping spree at Bolton's.

Bolton's is like Filene's Basement and Burlington Coat Factory--you have to wade through a lot of dowdy, older-skewing fashions to get to the finds. That said, I never leave Bolton's empty handed and yesterday was no exception. Within an hour, I found 3 tops, a pair of khakis and a breezy black dress -- all for $100. Much as my heart belongs to the pricier and trendier Ann Taylor LOFT, I can't deny that Bolton's is a worthy competitor for my shopping affection.

Sporting one of my new purchases (pale pink sleeveless top with gathered neck - $14.99), I met my friend Tiffany in the lobby and we went to see "Get Smart." An entertaining romp that provides enough belly laughs to offset the jokes that fall flat, the movie also showcases Anne Hathaway's evolution from Disney ingenue to style icon. She's a breath of fresh air in this day and age of Britney, Lindsay and the like.

After "Get Smart," Tiffany and I went for drinks (fruit smoothie for me, mochachino for her) at nearby Cinema Cafe, a casual bistro very conducive to girl talk and breakups. I've experienced both here, having called it a day with two boyfriends and spent many a meal analyzing the indiosynchrasies of the opposite sex.

Tiffany and I met recently for the first time, when I overheard her talking about "Sex and the City" and couldn't stop myself from chiming in about how much I enjoyed the big-screen version. It seemed only fitting to end the night curled up on my couch with a pirated DVD copy of the movie. Pirated copies have come a long way, and this slightly blurry version will do until the real thing (which should boast plenty of deleted scenes given that SATC's original cut was 3 hours+) comes out.

A $5 copy of SATC? That's my kind of bargain!

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