Monday, July 28, 2008

Opening The Vault: Part Two

One of the benefits of revisiting your past is that it makes you appreciate just how far you’ve come. As I comb through the archives of journals spanning more than 25 years, I can’t help feeling grateful for the learning curve that comes from weathering life’s many trials and tribulations.

Admittedly, my learning curve has been, ahem, flat at times when it comes to affairs of the heart, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I’ve never been happier being single, so I must be doing something right.

I think the last time I enjoyed singlehood this much was during my junior year in London. That eventful time brought with it a diverse menu of romantic distractions. On the October night when I was hit by a truck, I was very fortunate to have one of those distractions step up to the plate.

I now open the vault once again to Halloween night 1993….

Sunday, October 31st
Commonwealth (Commie) Hall, London

Dear Diary,

“Oh my God!” I heard someone scream as Eduardo caught me in his arms and carried me into Uncle Alf’s building.

“I’m okay, I’m okay,” I said, trying to reassure myself as much as Eduardo, but tears rolled down my face anyway.

Although I told Eduardo he didn’t have to carry me, I was glad he didn’t put me down until we were inside. I could feel my entire body weakened from the shock.

Eduardo, Gaby and Camilla urged me to go to the hospital but I knew that I didn’t need to. Still, I sobbed for a moment, overwhelmed at how close I’d just come to losing my life.

Though I managed to walk away with only a headache and grazed knees, Uncle Alf insisted we go to his doctor so I could get checked out. The doctor covered my wounds with bandages and gave me a tetanus shot. I felt better now that I had doctor-certified proof I was okay.

* * *

Later, back at Commie Hall, I went down to the bar to find Eduardo and Gaby. Gaby seemed much more concerned about how I was than Eduardo, but that could be just because Gaby is nicer to me, generally speaking, than Eduardo is. Eduardo made me feel like I was intruding and I didn’t appreciate that. I thanked him for the ride and made my exit.

I decided to knock on Fabian’s door but there was no answer. Back in my room, I tried to think of what I could do to lift my spirits. I didn’t feel like reading or watching TV. I wanted my mother and father or Fabian, period.

I ended up chatting with my next door neighbor and good friend Lionel about the accident. Suddenly, there was a knock on Lionel’s door and I was euphorically surprised that it was Fabian. I told him I’d stopped by his room earlier and he said he didn’t want to interrupt. I got up to leave. Maybe it was rude to exit Lionel’s room so quickly, but I needed Fabian more than anything else. He came through for me – more so than I ever could have imagined.

* * *

Indeed, Fabian was full of surprises…including an encounter on this side of the pond that caught the attention of a local NYPD officer.

Coming up…A review of The Boss at Giants Stadium and following your bliss to a new career path.


nicoleantoinette said...

I found you from The Lost Girls and am REALLY enjoying your blog so far!!

Melissa said...

Thanks, Nicole! Great to hear from you and stay tuned for a Lost Girls shoutout in an upcoming post about following your bliss. :-)