Saturday, September 6, 2008

Friday Night at Bella Blu

Right next to Lumi, the upscale duplex restaurant where Charlotte’s water breaks in SATC, resides a more casual but equally delightful Italian bistro - Bella Blu. That’s where my good friend Leila and I grabbed a bite last night.

With the restaurant’s whimsical décor surrounding us, we caught up for the first time in over a month. I brought Leila up to date on matters of the heart, from my unexpected date with an ex’s best friend to an exhilarating evening with a former male colleague whose kisses left me weak in the knees. Leila spoke of her annual visit to her native London, and the greater ease of finding generously cut clothes on the other side of the pond.

We also gave a collective thumbs down to Japanese eateries that overprice and underdeliver -- such as London’s Morimoto and Megu in NYC’s financial district. Thankfully, the Big Apple is rife with restaurants serving up sushi and sensible prices (Ko is my personal favorite).

Bella Blu didn’t disappoint either, as Leila enjoyed veal with porcini mushrooms and I savored pan seared chicken with grilled vegetables. We topped off our meal by sharing a buffalo cheesecake with cinnamon ice cream that immediately entered my pantheon of all-time favorite desserts. Lighter than its Italian ricotta cousin, this cheesecake was heaven on a plate.

The parade of gastronomic delights to be had---and doubly enjoyed with good friends-- in NYC continues!

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