Friday, September 12, 2008

By The Numbers: College Edition

Tonight, I had the pleasure of catching up with my former colleague Danielle and her delightful co-worker Tim. Over drinks at Dive 75 on the Upper West Side, we talked about post-breakup reconnecting with friends, revisiting old flames and memories of college sweethearts.

Both in their twenties, Danielle and Tim also mentioned some of the local bars they visited during their underage years, which got me to thinking about my own days as a college student. Both Mount Holyoke and my junior year in London delivered a healthy dose of memorable experiences with the opposite sex. Here's a look back at my college years - By The Numbers.

Number of romantic distractions during my junior year abroad: 5
Number of students at U-Mass dated: 2
Number of U-Mass boyfriends who happened to be an elementary school classmate: 1
Number of long-distance relationships: 1
Number of professional mountain bikers (with a body like Lance Armstrong) dated: 1
Number of cars crashed in anticipation of a date with said mountain biker: 1

I was doing triple the speed limit in a 25 mph zone the night I crashed my Nissan Sentra on the way to seeing Dave, my sexy, sweet mountain biker beau. Though the car didn’t make it, I was very fortunate to walk away unscathed…and straight into Dave’s arms. Later, he comforted me with a delicious plate of pesto pasta -- and an equally delectable serving of his intoxicating kisses.

Dave was one of the highlights of my senior year -- and a much-needed distraction from my long-distance love in California.

Coming up…my personal pantheon of best kisses and the allure of May-December romances.

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