Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Remembering Mom

Today marks the tenth anniversary of my mother’s passing. She died one week before her 58th birthday, after a lengthy battle with breast cancer.

Mom was initially diagnosed in 1987. Though she went into remission for nine years, she didn’t take time or her health for granted, continuing to live each day with a zest that never left her.

Mom meant so much to so many. She was an adored wife (by my late father, whom she adored right back), a cherished friend, and a beloved sister and aunt. She took great pride in every one of these roles and with good reason. As I said in my eulogy, you could always count on her for honest, wise advice that made you believe you could survive anything.

I learned so much from my mother -- especially about the importance of fully inhabiting the present and not borrowing trouble from the future. Have all the fun you possibly can, she told me and my sister in her goodbye letter to us, it’s all we take with us when we go.

To that end, I’m heading to a Dave Matthews benefit concert for cancer research. Mom loved music, one of many passions (along with living in New York and snacking on Mallomars) that I’m so lucky to have inherited from her. Tonight, I’ll be celebrating her and the comfort of knowing that, no matter how much time passes, she will always be a part of me.


the shark said...

So sad to hear of your parents. I do have nightmares that my parents have died. I wake up crying. You are truly honoring her memory.

Melissa said...

Thanks for your kind words. It's comforting to feel that I'm honoring my mom's memory, because she was truly an amazing woman. Cherish your parents, you're lucky to have them. :-)