Sunday, January 31, 2010

Find Your Luvah Party: Part Two

Friday, after chatting with matchmaker Steve Ward, I rejoined the sizable crowd at Purple Lab’s speed dating party.

Extreme Speed Dating: Purple Lab’s event drew 400 people

About 400 people turned out for the event, evenly split between men and women.

During the cocktail hour, I found myself chatting with amiable twenty something Jersey natives Edmund and Colby. We talked about what kinds of questions are appropriate for a three-minute date. I had a good chuckle when Colby suggested this one -- if you were a drink, what would you be?

Both Edmund and Colby were speed dating virgins and so, based upon my informal polling, were most of the men in attendance. Not surprising, given the age spread of 21-35 (most speed dating events have a more targeted range).

Around 9pm, the round robin dating began. Despite impossibly loud music, I managed to have a few memorable conversations. One of my favorites -- Matthew, a music producer whose opening gambit was to say he’s only interested in women for sex.

“I’m just trying to keep it real,” he said of his candor.

How romantic.

Thankfully, the other men present appeared to have more than booty on the brain. Like adorable real estate exec Frank, who charmed me with his passion for cooking and appreciation of his Italian heritage.

“I would love to hang out with you,” he said. Sign me up.

After speed dating was over, I ran into Edmund and Colby and we headed over to a nearby Irish pub, where we enjoyed a few laughs about the evening’s festivities.

Upon sharing my story about the randy music guy and how taken aback I was by what he’d said, Colby said--

“If a guy heard that from a woman [he just met], he’d be like ‘Alright! Let’s get out of here.’ “

I laughed again, amused to be reminded of the biological differences between men and women. And happy to be reminded also that, sometimes, the most fun connections to be made with the opposite sex are those of the platonic variety.

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Schmanders said...

Loved hearing about this Melissa....what a fun night, great event. Glad that you had drinks with the two 20-somethings; sounded like the best part of the evening!