Saturday, April 18, 2009

By The Numbers: SGITC Milestone Edition

A lot can happen in nine months -- as I’ve discovered since launching Single Gal In The City last summer.

I recently passed the 300 post mark, a milestone that finds me feeling a little reflective as I look forward to the many more (SGITC-related and otherwise) yet to come. Here’s a snapshot of what I’ve covered -- By The Numbers:

Number of encounters with old flames: 2
Number of overseas trips: 1
Number of celebrity encounters: 6
Number of concerts: 5
Number (approx.) of diary entries from the 90’s revealed: 35

Opening The Vault has been one of the most enjoyable parts of SGITC for me. And since I’ve only delved into three of my 95 handwritten volumes, there’s plenty more from my romantic past -- 300 roses! Bended knee moments! -- to be revisited. And, of course, more romantic adventures in the here and now to be experienced.

After all, when it comes to being a single gal in the city, it’s not knowing what’s around the corner that keeps things interesting.

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