Monday, April 20, 2009

Meeting Tori And Dean

As I mentioned yesterday, I met Tori Spelling and hubby Dean McDermott at a signing for her new book, "Mommywood."

Tori Spelling greets fans at a signing for her new memoir, "Mommywood"

Like everyone else that lined up to meet her, I became a fan of Tori’s during her 90210 days – and again for her hit reality show on Oxygen, Tori & Dean.

I’m happy to report that the couple is as charming and down to earth as they appear on camera. Tori was extremely gracious, happily posing for pictures with each and every fan and genuinely engaged in getting to know those who lingered to make conversation or share their own experiences of motherhood.

And, never mind those tabloid rumors, Tori looked fabulous, wearing an emerald green dress that set off her platinum blonde mane.

"You and Dean have restored my faith in happily ever after," I told her.

"He restored my faith in happily ever after," she said with a smile.

After getting a picture with Tori, I walked over to Dean, who was also mingling and chatting with everyone.

Dean McDermott and Me: He’s even more adorable and gracious in person

"Tori & Dean fans are the best," he said appreciatively before taking two pictures with me.

As for "Mommywood," it’s a quick, entertaining read. Tori writes with wit and honesty about juggling the demands of motherhood and celebrity life. The book is a good balance of hilarious anecdotes and moving moments. Tori does a good job of communicating that celebrities are people too.

I can’t wait to follow her latest adventures in Mommywood when the fourth season of Tori & Dean starts on May 26th.

Coming up…a surprise engagement (no, not mine!) and a big class reunion.

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