Thursday, April 23, 2009

Girls Night Out: Upper East Side

Saturday night, my cousin Alexandra and I enjoyed a girls night out on the Upper East Side.

The festivities began with a delicious dinner at Italian bistro Zucchero e Pomodori (prosciutto and melon, filet of sole oreganata).

Afterward, we strolled over to First Avenue, passing a festive Greek Orthodox Easter block party along the way and appreciating all over again the diverse mosaic of life in the Big Apple.

We ended up at Stir, a lively neighborhood bar and lounge that I’ve since decided to visit more often. In addition to serving up great music and a friendly vibe, the crowd is a good mix of twenty and thirtysomethings.

Stir: One of the best bars on NYC's Upper East Side

Alexa and I were only standing at the bar for a few minutes when a tall, adorable guy approached.

Complimenting my eyes, he said he had to come and talk to me – adding, curiously enough, that he’d already met his goal of getting someone’s phone number so it wasn’t just a line. A little too much information, I thought, opting nevertheless to overlook his faux pas and accept his offer to buy us drinks.

After introducing himself and his friend Peter, Joe continued to engage me in conversation. Alexa and Peter hit it off, discovering they both live just blocks away from each other in Queens.

It turned out Joe is a native New Yorker too. We fell into easy, flirtatious banter as he filled me in about life as a firefighter and his passion for outdoor sports.

Before the night ended, he kissed me. Fireworks, so to speak, were definitely there.

Too bad Joe now lives in Rhode Island.

Up next…after-work schmoozing for the Starlight Foundation and an unexpected reprise with my greatest love.

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