Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Writers Roundtable Brunch

Sunday afternoon, I had the pleasure of catching up with bestselling author, songwriter and playwright Gwen Davis over brunch at Le Parker Meridien restaurant Seppi’s.

Ladies Who Brunch: Nadine, Gwen and me at Seppi’s

Joined by Gwen’s new friend Nadine, a 24-year-old recent Florida transplant to the Big Apple, we settled into an outdoor table, where we were well taken care of by Seppi’s solicitous staff.

As we enjoyed a scrumptious meal (croissants, brie and bacon omelette and perfect pomme frites for moi), our conversation took us through the highs and lows of love, life in New York and our passion for the written word.

Nadine and I found much common ground – having both gone to London for our junior year, kept a diary since the age of 7 and suffered the loss of a parent. We talked about moments of feeling a loved one’s enduring spirit, be it in dreams or when something that reminds you of them crosses your path, and the great comfort that brings.

Affairs of the heart were also top of mind during our two-hour plus repast. Gwen told us about an old flame that has evolved into a good friend, while Nadine and I spoke of past loves that continue to loom large today.

I couldn’t help thinking -- why is it that it’s easier to remember a lost love with nostalgia instead of warts and all? Maybe it’s a function of not wanting to let go of what you once shared. Or, simply because it takes a new love to release you fully from the ghost of an old one.

As my beloved late grandmother used to say, one nail drives another out. In a city of infinite possibilities like New York, it’s nice to think that if you hammer away long enough, eventually that new object of your affection will make an appearance.

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