Monday, April 27, 2009

Dinner With A Fellow Blogger

Wednesday night, after a swanky eco celebration at The Visionaire in NYC‘s Financial District, fellow blogger Robert (a.k.a. The Notorious ROB) and I headed up to Koreatown for a late dinner at Gahm Mi Oak.

Conversation about the often adversarial relationship between traditional and social media quickly gave way to reflections on dating and relationships.

Robert met his wife nine years ago, knowing he was smitten after they stayed out until 6am doing nothing more than talking. His roommate advised waiting four days to call, advice Robert involuntarily found himself ignoring when he phoned her that afternoon. Three months later, they were engaged.

I smiled at Robert’s tale of moving swiftly and unexpectedly from juggling four women to settling down. His immediate first date followup, I told him, confirmed what I’ve long found to be true -- when a man is genuinely interested, he doesn’t play games.

Nearly every serious suitor I’ve had disregarded the play it cool strategy, following up within a few days of our first date. My one and only boyfriend emailed me the next morning, quipping that there must be “a 72-hour rule” about making contact again but he wanted to skip it and schedule a second date.

Speaking of online dating, Robert was fascinated by it, having met his missus before the likes of and were commonplace.

I reassured him he didn’t miss out on anything and that, when it comes to expediency, nothing is better than meeting out in the real world. Even if it’s just to be reminded by someone who’s found happily ever after that you’ll find it too.

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