Wednesday, April 29, 2009

J-School Reunion: Part One

Last weekend, I attended my ten year reunion at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism.

Past experience has taught me that class reunions can be something of a minefield. You invariably go into them wondering -- will I measure up to my classmates? Will everyone else have aged better and have built up more interesting careers?

Thankfully, reconnecting with my j-school peers found me reflecting on a happier subject, namely how easy it is to pick up right where you left off even after a decade has passed.

Bond Street: The chic SoHo restaurant’s lounge was the setting for my j-school class reunion

The festivities began Friday night over shared appetizers at trendy Bond Street in SoHo, where I caught up with about a dozen of my classmates.

L.A. transplant Eric had me skeptical when he said it is possible to be happy in California as a New Yorker. I think his acclimation to West Coast life might have something to do with a passion for producing documentaries for the likes of MTV and ABC News.

I got into a lengthy conversation with on-air reporting star and sweetheart Colin about writing for, the curiosity to explore new paths that goes along with being a journalist, and the ups and downs of thirtysomething singlehood.

We shared breakup war stories from the last 10 years. Colin told me of the quickest breakup scene he’s ever had. During an argument with a highly-strung woman, she sarcastically called out--

“Alright, peace!”

He responded with the same two words--and that was that. I laughed, telling him I admired his brevity. My breakup scenes have tended to be much more drawn out affairs. There’s something to be said for cutting to the chase.

Up next…a bittersweet return to campus and the extremes of online dating behavior.

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