Friday, April 3, 2009

Lunch With A Fellow J-Schooler

Yesterday, I enjoyed a rare lunch out of the office, mixing business with pleasure as I caught up with journalism school classmate Rebecca.

Rebecca and I last saw each other at a five-year reunion happy hour back in ’04. Now a web producer for “The Rachael Ray Show,” she ushered me backstage briefly, where a taping was in progress. A super thin primetime actress was waiting in the wings, raving about a recent meal at Blue Hill and looking impatient for the interview to be over.

Over a delicious lunch at nearby Comfort Diner in Midtown, Rebecca and I talked about how we can work together – and how astonishing it is that we’re coming up on our ten-year reunion in just a few weeks.

Comfort Diner: This Midtown eatery serves up a mean BLT and heavenly fries (of both the regular and sweet potato variety)

Happily married after years of doing the bicoastal thing (she’s from California) with her husband, she acted quickly when I told her I’m still a single gal, calling one of her producer colleagues to pitch me for a dating segment. Turns out they’re only interviewing men. Hopefully, it's not for the upcoming segment mentioned on the show's website about how difficult it is to meet people. Call me crazy but I think the opposite sex has little to complain about, considering they’re outnumbered here by more 100,000 single women.

Rebecca and her hubby met through a blind date, so she promised to keep me in mind should any eligible bachelors cross her path. My friend and Quinn & Co. colleague Carla is also keeping an eagle eye out for me – proof that, when it comes to matchmaking, sometimes the best Cupids are people who’ve already found their happily ever after.

Up next…Bryan Adams rocks the Big Apple and my first visit to Williamsburg in more than a decade.

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