Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Friends Night Out: T-Bar

Last night, I caught up with my friend P at trendy T-Bar Steak & Lounge on NYC’s Upper East Side.

T-Bar: This lively, hip eatery is a great spot for drinks or dinner

Over cocktails that included a round of Kamikaze shots, we talked at length about our parents. Yesterday marked the third anniversary of my beloved father’s passing.

Having lost his mother years ago, P understood exactly how I was feeling – and managed to bring a much-needed smile to my face. Raising his glass in a toast, he said--

“To our parents.”

“To our parents,” I repeated.

In talking about my mother and father’s enduring relationship, we eventually got onto the subject of marriage and how we’ve both had opportunities to go down that road with previous significant others – but have no regrets about choosing not to.

P also had me giggling when he mentioned a business meeting that took a most unexpected turn. The reason? His female colleague suddenly went off on a tangent about her affinity for gay porn.

Speaking of surprises, it turned out that my brother Andrew’s former flame, adorable Reese Witherspoon-lookalike Julie, was sitting at the next table. We exchanged pleasantries and Julie said she has a couple of male friends she would like to introduce me to.

That’s the kind of offer that doesn’t seem to come along very often these days, so I happily told her – sign me up!

Up next…when inappropriate advances derail romance and a big love resurfaces.

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