Friday, December 18, 2009

SGITC Reader Perk: New Mobile Dating App

A brand-new mobile dating application is making it easy to flirt on the go. And, as a Single Gal In The City reader, you can check it out for free!

The app uses your GPS/GEO location to find out who is single and ready to mingle in your area.

Designed to be fun and flirtatious, it features a suggestion engine that offers conversation starters, current events, jokes, and movie quotes related to your ideal guy’s profile.

And it’s safe -- the app has a variety of filters so you can choose how much info users can see about your location, profile, etc.

What the application doesn’t currently have is a name, and that’s where you come in. The designer is running a contest where users can name the app. If your submission is chosen, you’ll get 2% of the profits for two years.

The contest only runs through December 31st, so visit for more details. To sign up for three months free, click here.

Happy flirting!

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