Friday, December 4, 2009

Girls Night Out X 2

Tuesday night, I enjoyed a girls night out double header that began at the Empire Hotel’s rooftop bar, where I caught up with new galpal Amy.

Amy and I connected at an ADL gala back in October and discovered we’re both regulars on the charitable event circuit. Having lost my number one wing woman to the throes of marital bliss, I was excited when Amy volunteered to hit the town with me.

Over drinks, we talked about upcoming events we’re planning to attend and the importance of looking your best when catching up with an old flame.

Vintage: this chic Hell’s Kitchen lounge has a fabulous martini menu

After Amy and I parted company, I headed down to Vintage bar in Hell’s Kitchen, where I enjoyed a few cocktails with fellow dating bloggers Simone and Lost Plum.

The three of us traded observations about the mommy blogger mafia’s hold on corporate America, and the perils of dating men with high-powered jobs and a penchant for text messaging.

“That sounds like my last five relationships,” Simone quipped.

When it comes to sassy, candid takes on singlehood in NYC, it doesn’t get any better than Simone and Lost Plum. Do yourself a favor and check out their fabulous blogs.

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