Monday, October 19, 2009

Flying Solo At ADL's Imagine Gala

Wednesday night, I went to the Anti-Defamation League’s annual Imagine Gala at Union Square Ballroom.

All glammed up at ADL’s Imagine Gala

The swanky affair was hosted by ADL’s Next Generation Philanthropy group of young professionals. Having attended the last couple of years with my now-married friend Cindy, this was my first time going by myself.

Thanks to a great hair blowout and a favorite LBD, I entered the crowded ballroom feeling a mixture of confidence and nervous excitement.

The well-heeled crowd packed Union Square Ballroom

It didn’t take long for me to start mingling with the well-heeled crowd. At the bar, I found myself chatting with marketer and aspiring writer Josh and his friend Ben. Josh mentioned his current screenplay project – about a PR player who ends up with, ahem, performance problems – and his struggle to find the perfect title for it (“Ready to Blow,” “Coming Attraction” are his current choices).

I wished him luck on his master’s program applications and continued circulating, ending up next to another Josh – an adorable attorney with a penchant for wine. We compared notes on favorite varieties, having the inevitable white-versus-red debate, until he returned to checking his Blackberry.

He was the second guy I encountered who was attached to this gadget, but I didn’t mind since it afforded me an opportunity to say hello and ask—

“Are you really that bored?”

Fortunately, friendly human resources consultant Jeremy was Blackberry-free and very easy to talk to. We quickly discovered that we both love to travel, and that we happen to live five blocks from each other on the Upper East Side.

Along with hobnobbing with the opposite sex, I also had the pleasure of meeting fellow single gal Amy. After I told her that I’m currently without a wingwoman, she happily volunteered to join me for nights out on the town.

I’m looking forward to taking her up on that. Though, as I’ve rediscovered, sometimes the greatest fun you can have is when you’re flying solo.


TringulaDating said...

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TringulaDating said...
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Magnifique said...

That's a really nice picture of you!

Melissa said...

Thanks! It was one of those rare nights when the stars aligned in terms of hair, makeup and a great dress. If only it could happen more often. :-)