Thursday, October 1, 2009

An Action-Packed Wednesday

It’s not often that you can triple book yourself successfully. Last night, I managed to pull it off, bouncing between two networking encounters and a date.

The Down Town Association: A classy club in NYC’s Financial District

First, I headed to the Down Town Association on Wall Street, to catch up with fellow Columbia j-school alum Eddie and a few of his friends. A grand, inviting space -- high ceilings, mahogany paneling, etc. -- the DTA is a perfect setting for convivial conversation. We talked about website launches, the current state of comedy and the club’s 90% male membership. Sign me up.

Next, I hopped in a cab bound for the hip Hudson Hotel in Midtown, where I had the pleasure of meeting up with another j-schooler, travel correspondent Val. Over a quick bite at neighboring pub Coliseum, Val filled me in on her upcoming trip to Mexico and ongoing contentment with her long-term beau. I mentioned my renewed focus on being out and about now that I’ve said sayonara to online dating...for the most part.

Tuesday, I received an unexpected text message from Scott, a member with a penchant for last-minute invitations and cutesy text messages (e.g. “Hi Beautiful xo”).

Scott and I had gone out once back in May, then spent the better part of a month texting each other until I decided enough already. I wondered whether a second date would make me reconsider and so, Scott became my final stop of the night.


Heather said...

A cliffhanger!

Melissa said...

Stay tuned to tonight's post for the conclusion! :-)