Sunday, October 18, 2009

NY I Love You Premiere

Wednesday night, I headed over to NYC’s Ziegfeld Theater for the premiere of “New York I Love You.”

My official spot on the red carpet

While waiting for celebrity arrivals, I chatted with editor Colleen, who filled me in on the site’s fun, snark-free approach to covering the entertainment world. avoids scurrilous rumors -- unlike the columnists we were standing next to, who were gossiping about whether Jennifer Aniston and “New York I Love You” star Bradley Cooper ever really hooked up. Meow.

Cast member and legendary actor Eli Wallach charmed reporters by boasting about his long history in Hollywood (and working with Clark Gable and Marilyn Monroe).

Veteran actor Eli Wallach said Broadway is his favorite NYC street

Stunning co-star Maggie Q raved about working with Ethan Hawke.

Actress Maggie Q dazzled in a white Bodyamr gown

“Real Housewives Of New York” star Ramona Singer talked about her new skin care line TruRenewal and using cardio and free weights to stay in shape.

“Real Housewives…” star Ramona Singer

Of her co-stars, she said that off screen--

“We’re friendly acquaintances. But you get five women together and they fight like bitches.”

I think that rule applies primarily to women on reality shows.

Coming up…meeting multiple men during a night out solo and searching for a new wing woman.

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