Tuesday, October 20, 2009

When He Doesn't Take The Hint

It's great when a man takes some initiative about pursuing you. It’s decidedly less appealing, though, when you’re not interested – a fact of which I was reminded recently with two different guys.

First, there was JDate.com member Scott. Prior to our long-delayed second date, I communicated very clearly that I’m not a fan of last-minute plans. After date #2, I received the following text message from him:

“Hey cutie, want to watch a football game tonight at ur place free massage included and btw I’m the best! Xo”

Turned off by his forwardness (not to mention bad grammar), I declined Scott’s invitation. The next day, he followed up with—

“Football tonight? And a spa massage xo”

Equally persistent was the New Jersey resident whom I politely but firmly told by email that I had no romantic feelings for. He said he would like to remain friends, so I invited him to my recent singles party.

He proceeded to suggest (multiple times) that I come to his hometown -- 2 hours from NYC -- so that we could work out together. At the party, I was happily flirting with another guy when Mr. New Jersey sauntered over. He put his arm around me and exclaimed—

“I think you’re just the bomb!”

Talk about a conversation killer. Though Mr. NJ nixed my opportunity with the other guy, he managed to teach me a valuable lesson – when a guy doesn’t seem to be taking the hint that you’re not into him, leave him off of your guest list.

Coming up…a first date raises a big question and a charitable night out with Whoopi Goldberg.

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