Friday, October 2, 2009

Second Date With A JDater

Wednesday night, my action-packed evening continued at Upper East Side restaurant Trata, where I met up with member and pet pharmacist Scott.

Trata: Scott and I met up for drinks at this lively UES Greek restaurant and bar

Having come straight from the gym, Scott showed up wearing spandex shorts, a baseball cap and lots of cologne. Not my first choice for date attire, but his impish grin and warm greeting helped me get past it.

It had been four months since our previous date, so we talked about how we spent our respective summers. Scott spent most of his on the beach at Fire Island, co-habitating with six female friends.

Speaking of other women, Scott’s Blackberry buzzed while he was in the restroom. I stole a quick glance at it (I know, tsk tsk), noticing a message from ‘Nicole-J Date’ that she was looking forward to seeing him. A message next to hers from me was filed under my JDate username. Ahh, the romance of online dating.

Though it was fun catching up with Scott, date #2 confirmed we’re better off as friends – and reminded me that, the older you get, the quicker you can tell whether or not there’s a mutual spark.

Seeing Scott also got me to thinking how much more fun it is to be on the prowl when you’re not doing it through cyberspace. Tonight, one of my best galpals and I will be heading down to one of NYC’s hottest neighborhoods for some mingling. Watch this space to see where the night takes us.

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Rachel said...

Spandex? Classy... so was it good Greek? Shall I try it?