Monday, October 12, 2009

SATC2 At The Empire Hotel

After several days of shooting in studio, Sex And The City 2 was back on the streets of NYC today.

SATC2 took over the Empire Hotel on 63rd and Broadway. I saw some glammed up extras emerging from the hotel and caught a fleeting glimpse of Kim Cattrall. The ageless Samantha Jones looked fit and fabulous in slim fitting dark jeans, a beige jacket and matching boots.

Meanwhile, Sarah Jessica Parker delighted fans when she emerged from her trailer with smiles and a friendly wave.

SJP wowed the small crowd in front of her trailer

SJP even stopped briefly to wish one onlooker a happy birthday before returning to the set.

And in the best-kept-secret department, it seems there is more than just one sequel in the works. SATC2 extra Cayte Grieve told Blackbook magazine--

“There will be a Sex and the City 3. They are currently filming both SATC 2 and SATC 3, as told to me by a few other extras who overheard it from crew members.”

Looks like we’ll be enjoying the adventures of Carrie Bradshaw & Co. for years to come.

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