Monday, October 26, 2009

O You 2009: Part Two

Saturday, my action-packed day at O You! 2009 in Kansas City continued, as my best friend Lisa and I attended a seminar with no nonsense financial guru Suze Orman.

Suze Orman told the crowd to open their eyes when it comes to money

Suze spoke at length about America’s credit crisis, telling the crowd--

“Every time you touch plastic, you become less in touch with your money.”

Of women’s instincts to spend their money on everyone except themselves, she shared a sobering story about a woman living out of her car so she could pay off her son’s student loan.

Suze’s top tips -- identifying fears about dealing with money and using visioning to create goals that will drive you toward positive action with your personal finances.

BFFs: Lisa and me at O You

After a quick lunch at The Marquee Bar & Grill inside AMC Mainstreet (who knew a multiplex could serve up the perfect bistro experience?), Lisa and I headed back to the Convention Center.

It was standing room only for Dr. Oz, who demonstrated why he’s become one of the most popular medical experts today.

Dr. Oz dispensed great advice about everything from weight loss and migraines to depression and heart disease

With his signature rapid fire style and riveting animations about the human body, Dr. Oz dispensed great advice for taking charge of your health -- especially when it comes to weight loss.

“Biology can’t be overcome by will power,” he said. “You have to nudge the biology of blubber in the right direction.”

To that end, Dr. Oz said waist size is the best indicator of ideal weight. Eating nuts 30 minutes before a meal, he says, and eliminating as little as 125 calories daily can help you stay in shape.

After the seminar, I spotted style maven Stacy London sharing fashion advice at a pop-up station. Also roaming around, fitness guru Jim Karas and organization expert Peter Walsh.

Organizing expert Peter Walsh and me

Throughout the day, O Editor-At-Large Gayle King was doing live interviews for her XM Radio show.

Gayle on the air with Dr. Oz

She stopped to chat with the crowd after wrapping up. Just off the phone with Oprah, who couldn’t attend O You! because of a prior commitment, Gayle told us that Miss Winfrey will be present at next year’s conference.

The event, which will coincide with O Magazine’s tenth anniversary, promises to be a blockbuster. Best of all -- O You! 2010 will take place in New York.

Lisa and I can’t wait to get our tickets!

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