Friday, October 23, 2009

Singles Soirée At My Place

Last weekend, I hosted a little singles party at my place.

The last time I threw a singles gathering, an ex’s best friend ended up naked uninvited in my bed. Thankfully, Friday’s event didn’t lead to any similar exhibitionist displays – unless you count a faux marriage proposal induced by a little too much wine (see below).

About 15 people attended my soirée, a perfectly co-ed combination of friends and friends of friends, including charming radiologist Jacques. Jacques and I met through and went out on a date last spring.

Since romance wasn’t in the cards for us, we opted to stay in touch. He brought two charming, adorable male friends who added to the convivial vibe.

J-Schoolers Unite: Carl, Eddie and me at my singles soiree

Fellow Columbia j-school alums Eddie and Carl talked about their exciting new online venture, while galpal Andrea shared some of the wild tales which inspired her to start her new blog. Even as a diehard New Yorker who adores her hometown, I have to admit her “so over it” stories are hilarious.

As the evening unfolded, a wine connoisseur pal was openly curious about who had brought a particular great vintage from Spain. Eventually, the mystery buyer was revealed to be my good friend Leila, which prompted Mr. Oenophile to get down on one knee and ask in jest for her hand.

Though -- this amusing moment notwithstanding -- no love connections were made, the party was a delightful affair. And a fun reminder that, in a city as big as New York, it’s often easier to expand your social circle when the crowd is a small one.

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