Saturday, October 17, 2009

Girls Night Out: Meatpacking District

Last weekend, my friend Bobbi and I enjoyed a girls night out in NYC’s Meatpacking District.

Agave: adobe walls and flickering candles contribute to the hip yet relaxed atmosphere at this Mexican eatery

Over dinner and a shared pitcher of sangria at lively Mexican eatery Agave, we talked about past and present affairs of the heart -- from our respective experiences of cops being major players to our different takes on May-December romance.

Bobbi is having fun with a twentysomething personal trainer-aspiring rapper. I prefer men who are my contemporaries or older, having had three boyfriends who were approximately 15 years my senior, and parents with a 25- year spread between them.

Later, Bobbi and I encountered a well-coiffed mixture of twenty and thirtysomethings at a crowded bar across from Pastis. Just when we were about to call it a night after a few glasses of wine, a tall, adorable guy with an Australian accent brushed past us with a group of male friends.

Originally from Melbourne, he introduced himself as Dave and quickly reminded me why Aussies have a reputation for being great storytellers.

Dave told us the tale of how he met his most recent girlfriend. While traveling to Africa, he found himself naked when his clothes were stolen during an afternoon of skinny dipping. His soon-to-be sweetheart stumbled upon him and took pity on his embarrassing situation, and so a romance was born.

Which just proves that you never really know when Cupid is going to strike. And that it’s preferable to be fully clothed when he does.

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Anonymous said...

I always liked reading aboutHunky Cop Rich. He seemed fun. Too bad it didn't work out.