Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Small World Of Online Dating

When you live in a city where single women outnumber their male counterparts by 200,000, it often feels like the universe of available men is a finite one – especially the universe of online dating.

After posting a recap about the singles party that I recently hosted, I heard from a reader who was curious about one of my guests -- member and radiologist Jacques, whom I went out with once last spring. It turns out that, six years ago, she also dated Jacques briefly after meeting on a singles trip.

My friend Andrea had her own experience of what a small dating world cyberspace can be. During a night out in Central Park, she ended up sitting next to three girls talking about dating. She overhears one of the ladies mention by name a guy that Andrea herself had gone out with a few times the month before.

“I just start laughing hysterically,” Andrea says. “She had the same thoughts about him as I did. I so wanted to tell her to go with her gut, but I kept my mouth shut.”

The longer you’re part of the online dating marketplace, the more you find yourself running into the same cast of characters. I’m hoping there won’t be any familiar faces when I make my long-awaited return to speed dating tonight.

The one significant other that I met through speed dating tied the knot last weekend. As I do all of my other exes -- well, most of them anyway – I wish him all the best. Even though it means the pool of old flames whom I can beat to the altar is almost officially dry.

Rationally speaking, I know it shouldn’t be a competition. But, to paraphrase something Sex And The City’s Samantha once said, there’s always a competition with your ex. What’s rational thinking got to do with it?


Anonymous said...

My high school boyfriend (from 10 years ago) got married the day before me this past July. And inside is pisses me off. :-) There is ALWAYS a competition.

Melissa said...

Wow, talk about unusual coincidences! I'd say in the case of this competition, it's a draw. ;-)

DatingNow said...

Absolutely! I think it has to do with social networks - we tend to date people with similar interests, etc.

rosy said...

That's true even i agree that on-line dating is where sometimes world becomes smaller and you meet the same people that you have met before. It is embarrassing when we date with someone who has already been dated to our friends, it becomes a laughing piece.speed dating London