Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Minus A Plus One...Again

Tomorrow, I’ll be heading to Boston for a good friend’s wedding. Since this will be the third nuptial affair I’m attending this year, I can’t help thinking about what it’s like to fly solo when a couple is exchanging their I Dos.

It’s an experience I’ve had plenty of practice with. The last time I was invited to a wedding with a guest was five years ago. My then-boyfriend and I broke up only a few days before the big event, so a place card bearing his name was next to mine at the reception. Ouch.

Being minus a plus one at weddings has also lent itself to some funny, memorable moments. Like the time I kissed the bride’s cousin only to have his date turn up later (see the full story on Time Out NY’s website). Or when I accidentally singed my hair on a candle during an attempt to be flirtatious.

As another year of being unattached draws to a close, though, I find myself feeling more apprehensive about going it alone at these events. The pool of fellow singles to mingle with seems to grow smaller and smaller, as does my tolerance for being in the minority of attendees without a significant other.

Thank goodness for open bar.


plentymorefishoutofwater said...

Hey, really enjoyed this post and I can empathise. I am the only one among my friends who never uses their plus ones. In fact, last time I went to a wedding I ended up writing in the bride and groom's message book how the bride's sister was hot and if I could have her number. Inappropriate? Perhaps, but remarkably I ended up getting a date out of it.
Check out my dating adventures if you get a minute:

Melissa said...

LOL, what a great story! I'm all for seizing opportunity, especially when it comes to meeting new people. Great that you're often invited with a plus one -- it seems to happen sparingly here these days.