Wednesday, December 2, 2009

When PDA Attacks

It’s not often that a public display of affection lands you in the doctor’s office -- but that’s exactly where I hobbled to this afternoon with a badly bruised leg and possible fracture.

The injury happened Saturday, during date #3 with adorable PR exec E. Having just sang karaoke at Top Tunes in Midtown, we were feeling particularly celebratory. E and I began smooching until, all of a sudden, we both lost our balance and I fell backward.

As it turns out, we had an unexpected audience for our PDA. I received an email from my cousin the next day saying that she and her husband spotted us at Top Tunes, but refrained from saying hello since we were…otherwise engaged.

I guess the moral of the story here is make sure you’ll holding onto something other than your date when engaging in PDA. Or at least, that you’re both surefooted.

Coming up…drinks with two fellow NYC dating bloggers and a special event perk for SGITC readers.

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HEIDI said...

The truth comes out... Love it!