Monday, November 10, 2008

A Diva-rrific Manicure

Last week, I enjoyed my first visit to the flagship NYC location of my favorite nail spa, Dashing Diva.

With a sleek, white interior, Dashing Diva’s East Village venue delivers pampering in style -- Jennifer Hudson chose it as the setting for a recent online video (

Nail Pampering with Panache: Dashing Diva's East Village location in NYC

Feeling adventurous, I opted to experience a few more firsts, including my first Divaroma manicure ($15). If there’s such a thing as heaven for hands, this is it. In addition to first-class attention for nails and cuticles, the Divaroma experience includes aromatherapy products (I chose Soothing Eucalyptus), and a full hand and arm massage with exfoliating scrub.

After removing my hands from the dryer, I smiled at the new hue adorning them. Bypassing pale pink for a change, I opted for something bolder -- the richly purple Royal Romanov. I’m looking forward to broadening my nail palette even more in December, when Dashing Diva rolls out more than 300 new colors.

As if free cosmos on Thursday and Friday nights aren't enough incentive for me to keep coming back, Dashing Diva has just launched the Passionate about Pink Sweepstakes. Celebrating the 2009 release of Pink’s new album "Funhouse," the contest gives customers the chance to win a special ‘Day of Rock star Beauty,’ and 2 tickets to Pink’s Summer 2009 Tour.

The sweepstakes will be highlighted at all Dashing Diva nail spas and you can also enter online at

Coming up…an intimate book launch party for a New Yorker braving small town life and Chris “Mr. Big” Noth takes to the (off) Broadway stage.


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