Saturday, November 1, 2008

Delightful Date With An Englishman

When you go on a date with someone you meet online, you never know what exactly you’re in store for. The other night, I enjoyed the pleasant surprise of a date who was even more intriguing than his profile.

A 40-year-old British-born corporate guy turned journalist, S had sent me an “Icebreaker” email through college and university alum networking site An Icebreaker email exchange through this site led to a delightful date

We met at Houndstooth pub, a new venue in NYC’s Garment District, to find out if phone chemistry would translate into a real-life connection.

Over a shared plate of chicken quesadillas, S and I discovered a mutual affinity for Harry Potter, and for the adrenalin rush of covering the news. He asked me if I ever miss being a TV reporter and I was happy that, four years after leaving my former profession behind, my answer is still no. That said, I couldn’t help being tickled pink when S said he wouldn’t hesitate to put me back on camera if he had his own TV station.

After two hours of engaging conversation, we decided to call it a night. A true gentleman, S offered me his arm as he escorted me to a cab and gave me a parting kiss on the cheek.

Though it remains to be seen whether S and I will go out again, one thing’s for sure -- there's something about a guy with an accent.


the shark said...

I'm a sucker for an accent!

Melissa said...

Me too! Especially for guys from across the pond. :-)