Monday, November 24, 2008

An Outrageous Post-Date Email

Every so often, you hear a story about outrageous dating behavior that’s too good not to share. At my friend Michel’s apartment warming soiree on Saturday, I heard one such tale from her effervescent friend Becky.

This summer, Becky’s friend Stephanie went out with Jason, a guy she met on J-Date who was more than candid about his agenda. After their date, she sent him a quick email. This was his response:

“I just want to be honest with u about where I'm at right now. I'm really just playing the field right now. I'm talking to a bunch of girls and trying to sleep with them. I think u are cool so I wanted to let u know that. If you're looking for a booty call I'm your man but other than that we should just be friends. I sound like a total douche in this email but I didn't want to act like something else until I slept with u and then let u know the deal.”

Talk about too much information. Surely Jason could have found a better way to be honest about his intentions. Then again, I suppose there’s no artful way of saying you’re booty-obsessed.

Needless to say, Stephanie didn’t go out with Jason again.

My heartfelt thanks to her and to Becky for the hilarious reminder that sometimes, it’s the worst dates which end up producing the best laughs.


Globetrottingbride said...

This email is too funny. I guess I give him a little credit for being honest but still.....I hope this gets back to him like that story about the jdate guy who asked his date to reimburse him for dinner after she didn't agree to a second date...

Magnifique said...

Um, isn't the point of Jdate to interact with people who are suitable for marriage (i.e. other Jews)? If he wanted a booty call, he should have used Craigslist. At least he was honest, though.